The Real Dominic Chung

Innovative entrepreneur, up-and-coming politician, and ongoing philanthropist.


Dominic Chung has been an entrepreneur since the age of 21. Wanting to spread the entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to put his years of experience to helping others start and grow their own businesses. Mr. Chung has guided people of all backgrounds in unlocking their financial potential.

Dominic with former Prime Minister of Canada the Right Honourable Paul Martin
Dominic Chung with Ontario Premiere Doug Ford


Dominic’s interest in historical figures lead to a natural entry into politics. Although he has yet to run for office, he has attended many political events and met with many of Canada’s past and present leaders from all sides of the political spectrum.


Blessed with personal success, Mr. Chung wanted to give back to the community. For over a decade he has volunteered innumerable hours helping communities in need and donated to many causes. Currently he is focused on endeavors elevating the quality of education for underprivileged children.

Dominic is a proud supporter of the Aboriginal and Indigenous communities in Canada.